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Honeycomb Rotor Dehumidifying Dryer is designed for drying engineering plastics. Good quality products come from strict control of moisture content. Incorporating honeycomb rotor from SEIBU of JAPAN. The machine can easily attain -40℃ dew point,and under more favorable conditions can go below -50℃, with stable performance. Quality of the end products is ensured (in respect of strength, hardness and transparency etc). Standard control by P.I.D. temperature controller from Japan, PLC controller with LCD touch control panel and dew point meter available as option. The whole series comprise 13 models, maximum air flow 3000m3/h, handle maximum 1000kg/h(for PET).

Special Features:
Incorporates "SEIBU" SSCR ceramic fibre core honeycomb rotor, good dehumidification.
DA-30 and bigger models equipped with PLC control and touch panel, with more complete functions.
Low dew point, -40℃ with normal cooling water, -50℃ with chilled water.
Continuous dehumidification and regeneration process, ensures steady dew point -40℃.
No contamination, ensures quality of plastic products.

Rotor heat resistance up to 1000℃, reduces fire risk, inert to acid and alkali, washable in water, average life over 10 years.

Regeneration temperature 180℃, saves 2/3 of time and 30-40% energy consumption.
One single machine can serve simultaneously several individual hopper dryers.
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