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Water Cooled Industrial Chiller
NITSU series of Industrial Chillers provide chilled water from 3-30°C,special model can attain -15°C ( temperature tolerance ±1°C).

The chillers comprise air-cooled and water-cooled units, with cooling capacity range from 1,316 - 156,249Kcal/h (0.5-60HP), suitable for various industrial application. When apply to plastic injection moulding and vacuum moulding, the chillers controls precisely the mould temperature to reduce moulding cycle and enhance product quality.

The chillers are also suitable for cooling machine tools like CNC punching machine, grinder, machining centre etc. to improve performance. Other industries such as electroplating, food and dyeing are also applicable with chillers.
Special Features:
Suitable for long-term stable operation, automatic control with precision thermoelectric controllers.
High effective heat exchanger, the loss of cooling capacity is minimized, it is easy for oil return and prevented from frost crack.
Equipped with a powerful compressor imported from USA and Europe. The compressor operates smoothly and quietly at high EER value.
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