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Oil Type Mould Temperature Controller
NITSU Oil Type Mould Temperature Controller series comprise Ordinary Oil Type, Hi Temperature Oil Type; Ordinary Oil Type up to 180°C, Hi-temp. Oil Type up to 250°C. Control temperature tolerance ±0.5°C. Standard models cover 6kW, 9kW and 12kW.

Mould Temperature controller finds general application in engineering plastics production. For injection moulding of Nylon, PC, Acrylic etc. Mould Temperature Controller pre-heats the moulds to the desired temperature. Good quality products are ensured with increased production and least material wastage. Mould Temperature Controller is indispensable in the plastic industry.
Special Features:
With advanced control device, mould temperature tolerance ±0.5°C.
Incorporates large flow, heat resistant pump, stable and reliable.
With lack water / oil protector, eliminates damage caused by dry running of pump.
Equipped with pressure, overload, overheat protection switch to ensure safe and efficient machine operation.
Water type model fitted with pressure gauge, oil type model with level sight glass, for ready monitor of machine running condition.
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