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Heavy-Duty Series
NITSU Heavy-duty series of Dehumidifying System is specially design for mass production with super low dew point condition such as PET preform moulding and film extrusion. PP, PS, PET film and sheet extrusion production lines play a key role in local industry. The Dehumidifying System comprises an honeycomb rotor dehumidifyer with maximum 3000 m3/h dry air flow, a double wall insulated stainless steel drying hopper with maximum capacity 6000kg and a mould humidity controller with maximum air low 3000m3/h. The process is capable of reducing the moisture content of the raw material to 0.004%.
Special Features:
Super large drying capacity, maximum 1000kg/h;
Super low dew point, below -40℃;
Product quality stable all year round, unaffected by weather;
With unique dust collector, ensures steady operation;
Reliable function, low breakdown rate, works well after installation.

Easy to maintain, require routine replacement of filters only.

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