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Servo Drives Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine NSS 48SA,NSS 58, NSS 58L

Brand Name: JS-Machine


High-mix low volume production compliant covering from the blister package ,electronic tray to the food containers.Standardize the water cooling base and reduce changeover time by making easy mounting and removal of cavity.AC servo motor is used for forming table , plug table and sheet feeding.


NSS 58, NSS 58L


Special Features:
The Control System: PLC programmable controller & touch screen panel for fully automatic production which include material feeding>>heating>>vacuum forming>>sheet slitting.
The Control Section: The main parts are imported from the major supplier,they are Schneider,Panasonic, Yaskawa,etc.
Interface: 10.4'' or above colour touch screen panel for easy and direct opeation that can provide actual production data and history records for management reference.
Heating System: The Germany Elstein ceramic infrared heating elements and table drive are controlled by touch screen computer 0-99 PWM individual control and switches to ensure the temperature of sheet is precisely and stablely managed.

Feeding transmission parts: Special design double roller chain with tine track provides low friction coefficient in between track and chain.The chain feed index is controlled by ac swevo motor as well,for accuracy index and synchronous for program interface.

Mechanical parts: special heat treatment and plated hard chromium steel track, no deformation, the cooling effect of outstanding friction coefficient is small, durable.
Water cooled isolation plate : When the heating isolation plate can be opened,the heating time is completed,isolation plate and feeding together with the directional synchronous closed up. It can prevent the sheet overheat or secondary heating, resulting in crystallization white (PET).

Additional features: Twice upper mould;Twice vaccum;Vacuum delay;Muto-vibration;truly realize stroke digital controllable;digital micro adjustable; Stroke of upper & lower table accuracy is ±0.5mm; multistage speed etc. to ensure the quality and forming velocity.



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