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Automatic Pressure Forming Machine NSPF 62, NSPF 62a, NSPF 65, NSPF 68, NSPF 75, NSPF 75a, NSPF 78, NSPF 98

Brand Name: JS-Machine

This forming machine with steel rule die cutting is used for a wide range of applications, such as food containers or trays for electrical components.The machine is equipped with a trimmer inside the same frame. This combination of forming and trimming functions in a single one line significantly eliminates out of place trimming failures.The advantage of steel rule die is that the cost is much lower than punch & die and that prevent from causing plastic chips and angel hairs . Our Quick Response Heater is also installed. The forming table(ball screw mechanism ) and trimming section are driven by AC servo motors. The number of parts are calculated with counter and then transported onto the conveyor at the time of reaching to set value.

Special Features:

The Control System: PLC programmable controller+touch screen for fully automatic which include material feeding → heating → pressure forming→ hole punching→ trimming → stacking → counting → scrap rewinding.

The Control Section: The imported configuration.If (Schneider,SMC, SEW,Panasonic,Yaskawa,etc.); improved control of machine performance, in particular, ensure the machine's quality and quality;
Human Machine Interface:15"colour touch screen panel for easy and direct operation that can provide actual production data and history records for management reference.
Heating System: Germany Elstein ceramic infrared heating elements are controlled by temperature which have 7 control zone on the upper oven and 11 control zone on the lower oven.
Feeding transmission parts: the feed motor with precision reduction, combined with roller chain drive; high-speed operation can still guarantee its accuracy and stability transport.
Mechanical parts: special aluminum alloy track, no deformation, the cooling effect of outstanding friction coefficient is small, no vibration
Control mode: manual and automated dual-use; to freely convert tryout with the mass production and easy operation
Additional functions: High output 40cycle/min.High pressure forming up to 6 bar, speed of material transport up to 1500mm/sec.
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