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  Hydraulic Cutting Machine    
Hydraulic Cutting Machine JSM-540, JSM-550 JSM-750, JSM-760,JSM-320


Hydraulic Cutting Machine

-- Four-column hydraulic cutting machine(JSM-540, JSM-550)

--Auto Feeding hydraulic cutting machine(JSM-750,JSM-760)

--Hydraulic cutting machine (JSM-320)


-- Four-column hydraulic cutting machine, Widely used in the plastic absorbing,leather,packaing,foam,EVA of industry cutting material processing .

--Auto Feeding hydraulic cutting machine,This machine is suitable for foam materials,cardboard,textiles,leather produts,plastic materials,the floor material,packing materials,glass fiber,cork and other materials cutting, especially for large areas of various sheet materials, bister genuine positive and negative die cutting operation. This machine can provide cutting precision action, and larger cutting capability of output.

--Hydraulic cutting machine,This machine is suitable for silk,leather,plastic,foam,EVA, shoemaking,hatmaking of industry cutting material processing.


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