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Cooling Tower
NITSU Cooling Tower suits various applications like air-conditioning, refrigeration, plastic, bleaching and dyeing as well as any industry that requires cooling. Incorporating V27 high quality in-fill, heat resistant to 58.5℃, with corrugated surface for efficient cooling. Axial fan with special curved angle for smooth air flow. Casing made of fibre-glass reinforced plastic. Capable to with-stand weathering and chemical corrosion.
Special Features:
Atteractive shape:Small dimension of shape,low height of tower,light weight of tower ,light weight of tower and multiform layout in covering area.
Advanced structure:The design of structure is superior,and it reaches an advance level the same as the products abroad.
Light Weight ang high strength :Cooling tower baby is made of FRP,which is of ageing-resistance and corrision-resistance,co that the bady will never be fading and transfirmation.The tower can bear an earthquake of 8grade on the richer scale and suffer 12 grade typhoon.
Super low noise: Adopting super low-noise fan and unique noise eliminatiom technology,the noise level is the leading position.
Less expense:Motor output is 30 percent less than the same product of other factories.The coling water can be used in enclosed circulating,so it can reduce a lot of expenses when equipment runing.
Less drift loss:Adoping advanced drift-eliminator,the drift loss can be reduced to 0.001 perent,and has appostive effect on the environmental protection
Reliable in use:Use of hot dip galvanized steel stent treatment, anti-corrosion ability, service life of more than twice as similar products.
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